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Pyth Entropy on Base

Pyth Network has launched Entropy on Base as part of an initiative to make on-chain random number generation accessible to Web3 developers building within the Base ecosystem.

This deployment empowers developers on Base to tap into a reliable and secure source of randomness to power financial and creative enterprises such as prediction markets, NFTs, and Web3 gaming.

This blog post explores how Entropy works and what this new Pyth product unlocks for builders on Base.

What is Pyth Entropy

Pyth Entropy enables smart contract developers to access a reliable and secure source of randomness on-chain. Trustless random number generation (RNG) is crucial for Web3 applications that require unpredictable outcomes, including gaming, NFTs, lotteries, prediction markets, and more.

Key Use Cases

Gaming and GameFi: Developers can create unpredictable game mechanics or obstacles.

NFTs: Ensures unique minting and random selection processes.

Prediction Markets and DeFi: Facilitates fair and random outcomes for prediction markets, like on-chain roulette or virtual horse racing.

For these applications to be fair and secure, the randomness must be truly unpredictable and resistant to manipulation. Additionally, users expect perfect uptime and quick responsiveness from the applications they use. A reliable, decentralized, and inexpensive source of randomness is essential, as shortcomings in these areas can negatively impact user experience.

Advantages of Pyth Entropy

Security: Built on a robust commit-reveal protocol, minimizing trust between participants and ensuring truly random results.

Speed: Utilizes a pull design where parties communicate directly on the blockchain, improving speed and simplicity.

Ease of Use: Integration requires minimal code and is permissionless.

Entropy on Base

Base is an innovative Ethereum Layer 2 incubated by Coinbase designed to enhance scalability and reduce costs for developers and users alike. With its low-cost, developer-friendly features and integrations with Coinbase, Base is well-suited for both DeFi and consumer applications.

Incorporating the Pyth Entropy solution for on-chain RNG empowers Base to support a wider range of decentralized applications and enhance user experience and trust in the platform’s capabilities. As discussed earlier, on-chain randomness is crucial for applications that rely on unpredictability, such as gaming, lotteries, and any protocol that requires fair distribution or selection processes.

The deployment of Entropy aligns with Base’s mission to make blockchain technology more accessible and practical for everyday use cases. This launch complements the earlier integration of Pyth Price Feeds and Benchmarks on Base, which deliver real-time financial market data and performance metrics to dApps on Base. As Base continues to evolve, its integration with the Pyth Network’s services will continue playing a pivotal role in its mission to onboard the next billion users on-chain.

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