EXPRESS RELAYTake Back Controlwith Express Relay

Integrate directly with searchers to recapture MEV. Go to market faster. Accelerate your protocol's growth.


Auction off valuable transactions — such as liquidations — to a network of top searchers. Access highly competitive pricing. Eliminate miner interference. Oracle agnostic.


Reduce the time and resources required to launch and scale. A network of integrated searchers for reliable liquidations and competitively priced transactions await you.

Without Express Relay
  1. 1
    Seed liquidators
  2. 2
    Build liquidator tooling
  3. 3
    Maintain liquidator bots
  4. 4
    Negotiate with searchers
  5. 5
    Facilitate searcher integrations
Surrender liquidation value
With Express Relay
  1. 1
    Integrate permissionlessly
  2. 2
    Expose liquidation opportunities
Execute winning transactions

SEARCHER NETWORKWorld Class SearchersWaiting For You

Top searchers are processing transactions on Express Relay. Integration is permissionless, allowing more searchers to join and increase the competition over transaction opportunities.


Escape the dark forest and secure your users’ transactions from MEV attacks. Express Relay’s auctions between protocols and searchers are private, eliminating transaction frontrunning. The Pyth DAO governs and owns Express Relay.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONPermissionless,Fast Integration

Integrate with Express Relay quickly, permissionlessly, and without an oracle. No need to speak with a sales team or sign contracts.

contract Lending is IExpressRelayFeeReceiver{
    IExpressRelay private expressRelay = IExpressRelay(0x0000); // Express Relay address

    function liquidate(LiquidateArgs args) public {
        require(expressRelay.isPermissioned(address(this), args.permissionId));

    function receiveAuctionProceedings(bytes calldata permissionKey) external payable {}

CASE STUDY:Save on Liquidationswith Express Relay

Express Relay shares the liquidation value between your protocol and the searcher with the most competitive bid.
Protocols discount their collateral too much to ensure reliable liquidations. Most of the value then goes to miners.
The largest lending protocols alone have lost over $150 million to MEV. With Express Relay, you can take back control of your protocol’s value.

TESTIMONIALSHear from the Ecosystem

Express Relay is a natural progression from Pyth’s core oracle production. It ambitiously serves to reduce value extraction by intermediaries and improve liquidation execution efficiency, effectively tackling this form of MEV. We are excited to be part of this initiative.
Tim Wu
Head of DeFi of Wintermute
Integrating with Express Relay enhances our ability to provide deep liquidity for on-chain derivatives. By leveraging Express Relay's auction system, Synthetix can streamline liquidations and optimize capital efficiency, further strengthening our perpetual futures markets.
Matt Losquadro
Core Contributor at Synthetix
Zerolend is proud to integrate with Express Relay to bring MEV-free transactions to our platform. This collaboration enhances our commitment to providing a secure and efficient lending experience that passes down savings to our users.
Founder of ZeroLend
We are thrilled to be working with Pyth Network to contribute to Express Relay and are excited to leverage it for building a more efficient and equitable decentralized finance landscape.
Guilhem Chaumont
CEO of Flowdesk
Ionic’s integration with Express Relay marks a significant step forward in optimizing our money market for yield-bearing assets. By eliminating MEV, we can provide a more secure, efficient platform and preserve more value to our users.
Rahul Sethuram
Tech Lead of Ionic
As a leading market-making and algorithmic trading firm, Auros is thrilled to participate in the exciting Express Relay launch, lend our expertise to support this new product launch and enhance the ecosystem for all market participants.
Ben Roth
Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Auros
Express Relay offers an opportunity for Vela Exchange to continue adopting the most cutting-edge DeFi technologies. Using Express Relay, we'll be able to further increase the fairness and reliability of our platform.
Travis Skweres
CEO of Vela Exchange
At Caladan, we absolutely love increasing market efficiency, especially in DeFi, so it’s really exciting to work on Pyth Express Relay, a tool that cuts out the value leakage to miners.
John Gu
CEO and Founder of Caladan
We are thrilled to support Express Relay and its groundbreaking approach to liquidations in DeFi. By returning MEV to protocols (and consequentially their users), Express Relay is creating positive value flow which ultimately benefits and grows the entire DeFi landscape.
Wee Howe
CEO of Tokka Labs
Express Relay auction system redefines liquidation economics for both searcher and protocols which allows for more efficient lending market designs. At Swaap Labs, we are extremely excited to support this initiative with our market-making infrastructure.
David Bouba
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Swaap Labs

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