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Long Live the Pythian Council | Newsletter #50

Welcome to The Pythiad, the official newsletter of the Pyth Network. Ready to hear what’s new? Biweekly updates on all things DeFi await you below. Let’s dive in.

What’s New with Pyth

  • It’s official: The Pyth Network Discord has hit 75,000 members. You can join the revolution here.
  • On March 7, 2024, the inaugural Pythian Council was elected and approved by the Pyth DAO through on-chain voting. The Pythian Council is made of 8 members who will act as signers of the Pythian Multisig. The council aims for geographical diversity to better fulfill the ethos, mission, and guiding values of the DAO. Learn more here.
  • The Pyth Network officially hit $59 billion in trading volume – a 2X increase month-over-month and a 5X increase quarter-over-quarter.

What’s New with DeFi

Technology and Development 




Community Shoutout

This week, we’ve received some amazing artwork by Pythians gr0uchSol, Pashakep3, kais7sol, and maxtorian.

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