How To Use Price Oracles

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What Are Price Oracles?

Your Smart Contracts Need Real-Time Data

Smart contracts unlock new ways for individuals to take control of their financial lives, but require secure access to real-world data to deliver transformative services.

Oracles retrieve data from external sources and deliver it to the blockchain for use in smart contracts, while ensuring security, accuracy, and reliability.

The Pyth Network delivers real-time asset prices for blockchain developers building the next generation of Web3 capital markets.

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Oracle Selection

Choosing Your Price Oracle

The oracle you choose will determine the reliability, accuracy, and competitiveness of your application. Consider these qualities when building your protocol.

Data Latency

In the financial world, speed matters. Lower latency data results in safer, fairer transactions.

Pyth prices update more than once every second—faster than most block times.

Data Latency

Your application needs to reflect real-world markets in order to deliver trusted services.

Pyth reduces price tracking error by 5-10x over competing solutions.

Market Coverage

Users require access to a variety of real-world markets to hedge, speculate, and transfer value effectively.

Pyth provides 450+ price feeds across digital assets, forex, equities, ETFs commodities, and more.

Data Sourcing

How your oracle sources data will determine your protocol's security and efficacy.

Pyth aggregates prices from first-party, institutional market participants to provide high-fidelity feeds.


Trading is global. It’s important for your app to be available during market hours.

Pyth spares no effort in ensuring price feed reliability and robustness.


The market coverage and blockchain compatibility of your oracle will shape your roadmap and product offering.

Pyth services more than 30 blockchains and can scale to thousands of assets.

Oracle Use Cases

Developer Guides
on Building with Oracles

Our guides cover exciting, popular DeFi solutions and how developers can leverage real-time price oracles to create a unique, competitive product. Start building today.


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Perpetual Futures


Options and Structured Product Vaults



Oracle Use Cases

Who’s Using Pyth Data

Learn how Pyth Price Feed data empowered Vela Exchange to be one of the fastest growing decentralized exchanges on Arbitrum and Base

See how HMX leveraged Pyth oracle data to rapidly become one of the leading leveraged trading platforms on Arbitrum with multi-collateral support and cross-margining

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