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How Pyth WorksFirst-Party Data Anytime, Anywhere


First-party data providers—institutional market participants—submit their price data to the network every 400ms. All price feeds have multiple data providers publishing toward them for accuracy and robustness.

Pyth Oracle
Program (on Pythnet)

The Pyth oracle program runs on Pythnet, an appchain operating as a computation substrate. The Pyth on-chain program securely and transparently aggregates incoming data to produce a single aggregate price and confidence interval.

of Blockchains

Pyth allows users to “pull” prices from Pythnet to their native chain “on-demand”. While users can listen to Pythnet prices updating in real time, they only pay for the prices they use. Learn more about our pull-based oracles here.

Start IntegratingData Users

Build decentralized apps with low-latency, high-resolution financial market data on any blockchain.

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Contribute DataData Providers

Contribute your own financial market data to the Pyth protocol and become a valued member of the network.

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