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All of the Cosmos Shall Be #PoweredByPyth | Newsletter #41

What’s New in the Ecosystem?

Pyth Launches Low-Latency Pull Oracles on Osmosis

We’re delighted to announce that Pyth’s price feed oracles are now available on Osmosis, the Interchain Liquidity Layer of the Cosmos Hub! The deployment of the Pyth oracle on Osmosis follows a successful governance proposal, where 86.4% of the community voted to deploy the Pyth smart contract.

Joining us for take-off are Mars Protocol, Levana, and Membrane. Mars Protocol is an autonomous credit protocol on Osmosis. Delphi Labs intends to propose to Mars’ governance to migrate to Pyth price feeds. Levana — the decentralized perpetual trading platform — is also planning to migrate to utilising Pyth for their asset price sources. Membrane, is a money-market protocol wherein vault owners can deposit their collateral to receive a line of credit.

You can also learn more about our partnership with Osmosis by checking out our blog post.

#PoweredByPyth Applications

Everyday, new applications become #PoweredByPyth. This month was an especially busy one for the network.

  • CAP V4, a decentralized trading protocol on Arbitrum that became #PoweredByPyth earlier this year, already processed over $2B in trading volume.
  • Vela Exchange, a decentralized exchange on Arbitrum with advanced perpetuals trading capabilities, community focused incentives, and a scalable infrastructure, that processed over $5B in trading volume has now become #PoweredByPyth.
  • Lyra Protocol is an options AMM that allows traders to buy and sell options on cryptocurrencies against a pool of liquidity. Lyra through its Synthetix Perps V2 implementation has become #PoweredByPyth.
  • Pika Protocol is a decentralized leverage trading platform on Optimism where users can access markets for crypto and other assets — and this month, Pika V4 is going live, #PoweredByPyth of course.
  • Conduit Finance, a premier decentralized derivatives trading platform built on Optimism — integrated on top of Synthetix, Conduit has then became #PoweredByPyth!
  • Levana is a decentralized and fully-collateralized perpetual trading platform built on Sei. #PoweredByPyth on testnet, Levana's fully-collateralized model provides everyone with easier, safer access to leverage trading rewards and benefits: 30x Leverage, Market Neutral Trading Strategies, and Real Yield for Liquidity Providers.
  • Clockwork is an open-source automation engine for Solana. As of today, you can schedule transactions and build automated, event-driven smart contracts events based on Pyth’s real-time prices — all #PoweredByPyth.
  • GooseFX is a full suite DeFi platform built on the Solana blockchain, offering a variety of unique decentralized peer-to-peer financial products. From NFT Aggregator, to perpetuals, and re-imagined single-sided liquidity pools, GooseFX leaves no stones unturned. Traders on GooseFX already have access to $SOL perpetual product and will soon have access to many more markets—all #PoweredByPyth
  • LP Finance has launched on Solana the first-ever TWAMM #PoweredByPyth. This TWAMM pools large orders together, breaks them down into small pieces, and executes them over a specified time interval (TWAP orders).
  • Slide Labs is the premier social trading platform built on Solana and Drift (and so #PoweredByPyth). Slide Labs is designed to bridge the best traders with people who are interested in the markets but do not have the expertise to evaluate charts.
  • Kilo Exchange provides seamless full-suite trading experience while offering LPs risk-neutral positions and LP-friendly solutions, all #PoweredByPyth. Started in Q1 2023, KiloEx offers intuitive peer-to-pool trading DEX and near-instant trade settlements on BNB Chain.
  • Tsunami Finance is a margin trading and spot exchange built for trading with 0% slippage, known exit liquidity, low funding fees, low spreads, accruing collateral, and profitable liquidity provision. Tsunami Finance is #PoweredByPyth to empower this superior trading user experience.
  • Kryptonite is a lending protocol where any asset can become a source of yield. Kryptonite will be among the first applications to benefit from the Pyth’s low-latency price feeds on the Sei Network.
  • Freely Finance has been a DeFi native front-end provider for the renowned Liquity protocol and now, they’re ready to integrate D8X — a perpetual trading protocol on Polygon zkEVM #PoweredByPyth — as a backend partner for their Freely Perps
  • Mold is a derivative platform on Conflux and has decided for the best: become #PoweredByPyth! Soon available on testnet so keep an eye out.
  • Tsunami Exchange is a DEX built on the Waves Blockchain that offers users exposure to all type of financial assets. Tsunami Exchange relies on liquidity providers to fulfill user trades at the current oracle price — #PoweredByPyth.
  • Deepr Finance, a protocol that enables users to lend and borrow digital assets without the need for intermediaries, has become #PoweredbyPyth on Shimmer EVM testnet
  • Pinnako stands as a pioneering decentralized perpetual trading platform, offering a diverse array of markets bolstered by substantial liquidity built on zkSync and Mantle — #PoweredByPyth of course
  • SeiSwap is a layered DeFi platform built on the Sei Network where OTC swaps, a bonding curve launchpad, a permissionless DEX, and more are made possible thanks to the Pyth Network.

Intelligent Agents Join the Pyth Network

We are pleased to welcome Skynet Trading, a trading software and investment firm in the digital assets market, to the Pyth Network. Skynet Trading will contribute digital asset price data to support the Pyth Network’s ability to provide dependable and cost-efficient access to real-time financial data for decentralized applications.

“We are pleased to offer our data to the Pyth oracle, thereby enhancing a vital and widely utilized component of DeFi and Web3 infrastructure," said Petros, Head of Institutional Solutions at Skynet Trading. "We anticipate a fruitful partnership with Pyth's existing community in fortifying the oracle's resilience."

For more details, check out the dedicated blog post here.

We can’t wait to hear what you think! You can join the Pyth Discord and Telegram, follow us on Twitter, and be the first to hear about what’s new in the Pyth ecosystem through our newsletter. You can also learn more about Pyth here.

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