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Gauntlet Selects Pyth Oracle for Morpho Market

They say good things come in threes. What happens when you combine the most efficient lending protocol on Ethereum with DeFi’s premier risk management firm, and then introduce blockchain’s largest first-party oracle?

Gauntlet is collaborating with Pyth and Morpho to redefine the borrowing and lending experience on Ethereum and Base. Industry leaders recognize that Pyth provides DeFi protocols with a competitive edge through reliable infrastructure that fosters confidence and growth. This partnership underscores the value Pyth brings to the DeFi ecosystem. This blog post explores how Pyth enables Morpho and Gauntlet to transform the way people borrow and lend on-chain.

Gauntlet Vaults and Pyth Data

Morpho has set a new standard in DeFi lending by developing an architecture that allows approved entities to launch vaults with custom risk management specifications. Having worked with many of the largest DeFi protocols, Gauntlet was a natural choice to be one of the first approved vault curators on Morpho. With the freedom to select any oracle for their UNI/USDC market, Gauntlet chose Pyth. You can see the market in action here.

"We are pleased to pilot Pyth price feeds for the UNI/USDC market in our USDC Core MetaMorpho vault as we seek to ensure our markets ingest robust price data at all times," said Matt Dobel, Gauntlet’s Head of Business Development. "As we continue curating MetaMorpho vaults, we're thrilled to partner with Pyth to enhance user experience and safety in DeFi lending markets."

By creating an open marketplace for specifying liquidation LTVs, oracles, collateral selection, caps, and more, Morpho vaults can be curated by experts, like Gauntlet, that use dynamic strategies to maximize capital efficiency for users. Of course, these industry experts are painfully aware of just how important reliable, low-latency data is to the foundation of borrowing and lending protocols.

"Pyth’s design allows vault managers to pull price feed data directly from the world's largest financial institutions multiple times per second, significantly reducing risk and enhancing the user experience. Morpho's innovative approach is driving a paradigm shift in DeFi, setting new standards for data accuracy and reliability in one of the oldest DeFi primitives. Gauntlet and Pyth are collaborating to accelerate this transition, leveraging their expertise as leaders in on-chain finance."

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