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New Pyth Data Provider: mrgn research

We’re pleased to welcome mrgn research, an integrative proprietary trading firm, to the Pyth Network’s data provider community. Through this collaboration, mrgn research will contribute real-time price data for Solana-native tokens to enhance the data offerings of the Pyth Network, especially for the Solana DeFi ecosystem. This is another step towards the network’s goal of delivering the world’s market data on chain.

Who is mrgn research?

  • mrgn research is an integrative proprietary trading firm focused on liquidity provisioning, quantitative trading, and building resilient systems with world-class teams.
  • The firm builds on backgrounds from the brink of HFT, cyber security, robotics, digital identity, and AI to offer comprehensive coverage across on-chain and off-chain markets.

“We’re proud to partner with Pyth to deliver price feeds to a range of Solana assets”, said MacBrennan Peet, Director of Mrgn Research. “The continued explosion of Solana assets, paired with a strong field of skilled new teams and protocols, gives us ample conviction that Solana’s need for new price feeds will continue to grow. We’re excited for all the emerging partnerships that will bring.”

“We're excited to see mrgn research joining the ever-growing network of Pyth data publishers,” said Marc Tillement, Director of the Pyth Data Association. “We are confident that their on- and off-chain capabilities will bolster Pyth network’s ability to further support and add Solana related assets including liquid staked tokens. We look forward to continuing building with dedicated teams towards making the Pyth Network the leading financial data marketplace.”

Creators and owners of market data such as mrgn research make the Pyth Network possible. Pyth’s data provider community play a critical part in ensuring that global Web2 and Web3 participants have continuous access to robust and reliable price data.

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