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New Pyth Data Provider: Adaptive Frontier

Today, the Pyth Network data provider community welcomes Adaptive Frontier, a leader in sophisticated trading technologies and market data solutions.

Adaptive Frontier will contribute its proprietary data, derived from its extensive connectivity to over 20 different trading venues, to help secure the Pyth Price Feeds. This data includes real-time prices for the entire delta one universe, incorporating both centralized and decentralized markets. This contribution will support the greater Pyth mission of delivering reliable, real-time access to price data for blockchain developers everywhere.

"Pyth provides an extremely valuable and mission critical decentralized price oracle service for the crypto ecosystem, so we're excited and honored to contribute our sophisticated trading expertise to further improve Pyth's offering. Our partnership manifests another avenue to help increase the pricing transparency and spread the trustless ethos of decentralization for all market participants." – Han Chang, co-CEO, Adaptive Frontier

Who is Adaptive Frontier?

  • Adaptive Frontier is a pioneer in trading technology, offering a robust suite of market data solutions that span across both traditional and decentralized financial markets.
  • Adaptive Frontier maintains custom low latency connectivity to over 20 different trading venues, both centralized and decentralized. Their sophisticated algorithms incorporate the entirety of the delta one universe, including dated futures, to distill the price of every delta one product down into a single synthetic price.

The Pyth Network continues to invite more data partners to join the data provider community and help build a decentralized marketplace for institutional-grade, high-fidelity financial data.

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