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New Pyth Data Provider: Akuna Capital

We are excited to announce that Akuna Capital, a leading options market maker specializing in derivatives market making and sophisticated modelling, is joining Pyth Network to deliver their institutional grade data to bolster the growth of DeFi.

Who is Akuna Capital?

  • Founded in Chicago 2011 with a focus on options market making using its proprietary technology
  • Akuna has been trading crypto currency since 2017 with teams trading spot, futures and options
  • Akuna now employs over 400 people worldwide with offices in Chicago, Sydney, Shanghai, and Boston

Proven Track Record

  • Trades options on a wide range of underlyings including Indices, Commodities, Currencies and Treasuries
  • Trades on a number of US and Asian exchanges including CME, ICE, CFE, CBOE, C2, BATS, EDGX, ISE, Gemini, MIAX Pearl, HKEX, KRX and NOM, and is continuing to expand our trading operations globally
  • Very active in the cryptocurrency space, trading spot, futures and options on exchanges and OTC, covering all the major coins

Akuna will initially contribute its unique crypto asset market data and plans to expand into underlying assets of additional options products as the Pyth Network continues to scale.

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