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New Pyth Data Provider: Aleno

Reliable, cutting-edge data is what gives smart contract developers a sense of confidence and tranquility as finance pioneers. In this spirit, the Pyth Network welcomes aboard Aleno to the Pyth data provider community to contribute its proprietary data to help secure the Pyth price oracle. As a DeFi-native service provider for asset managers, treasury managers, on-chain companies, and institutions, Aleno is uniquely positioned to contribute high-fidelity, institutional-quality data to Pyth Price Feeds to facilitate a more secure, performant DeFi experience across more than 65 blockchain ecosystems.

Aleno delivers precise on-chain prices by leveraging comprehensive market data from active price discovery venues on-chain. Pyth Network then combines Aleno’s price data with inputs from up to 63 other data providers for each feed, creating a reliable aggregate price stream that powers smart contracts.

Aleno provides a wide offering of digital asset prices, enabling Pyth Network to continue meeting the ever-evolving demands of smart contract developers and users in a fast-moving space. Pyth currently supports more than 540 real-time price feeds to power DeFi applications throughout the EVM, Cosmos, Move, Bitcoin, and Solana ecosystems.

"Collaborating with Pyth has been an exceptionally high-quality experience, both in terms of their responsiveness and their rigor. Providing on-chain prices is just the first step. We are pleased to continue supporting Pyth's development and meeting their on-chain data needs." — Antoine Vales, Co-Founder and CEO of Aleno

Who is Aleno?

  • Aleno is a DeFi-native asset servicing company based in Paris, offering services to DeFi asset managers, treasury managers, on-chain companies, and institutions.
  • Aleno started by collaborating with professional asset managers to develop strong products, such as the wallet data product for Kaiko and alerting systems for DeFi Asset Managers.
  • Aleno is committed to democratizing risk monitoring tools in DeFi to enhance the overall landscape. The company aims to enable every individual address to strengthen its financial security, significantly reducing losses across the board.

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