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New Pyth Data Provider: AMINA Bank AG

Global institutions are partnering with Pyth Network to shape the future of finance. That trend continues today as we welcome onboard AMINA Bank, a fully licensed Swiss bank and pioneer in the financial industry, as a market data provider to the network.

AMINA Bank is joining the Pyth ecosystem to become a recognized data contributor, monetize the financial data from their regular operations, and work more closely with some of the leading protocols in DeFi. As the second bank to join the Pyth Network data provider community, AMINA Bank is now part of a network of over 100 data providers who have powered over half a trillion dollars in trading volume across 60 blockchains and 365 applications.

As a specialist in digital assets solutions and one of the first FINMA-regulated institutions to offer crypto banking services, AMINA Bank’s long-time expertise in the digital assets market enables them bolster Pyth Price Feeds in both offering and reliability. In turn, AMINIA Bank’s contributions will help expand the critical tooling available to Web3 developers looking to close the gap between decentralized finance and its traditional counterparts.

As a first-party oracle, Pyth Network offers AMINA Bank and other global financial institutions a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the on-chain capital markets with minimal risk. As a Pyth data provider, AMINA Bank benefits from de-risked exposure to new markets and a compliant infrastructure arrangement, and can even earn on its proprietary data for the first time.

AMINA Bank represents a new trend of banking players joining the Pyth Network, with Nomura’s digital assets subsidiary, Laser Digital, having onboarded as a data provider earlier this year.

“Our partnership with Pyth is an important milestone in AMINA’s dedication to integrate the Web3 world with traditional finance. As these worlds come closer together, AMINA is proud to be at the forefront of this transformation. By working with Pyth to provide our digital asset price data, we can give users in digital finance more robust data and information they need to make informed decisions about DeFi and crypto.” — Anes Fific, COO at AMINA Bank

Who is AMINA Bank?

  • AMINA Bank was established to provide a solution for digital assets trading, investing, and custody for professional investors, companies, family offices and institutions.
  • In August 2019, AMINA received a Swiss banking and securities dealer license. The broad, vertically integrated spectrum of services, combined with the highest security standards, make AMINA's value proposition unique.
  • AMINA operates globally from its regulated hubs of Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong to offer fiat and crypto services to progressive investors, traditional and crypto-native alike, whether individuals, corporates or institutions.

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