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New Pyth Data Provider: Astroport

Today, the Pyth Network data provider community welcomes aboard Astroport, a decentralized, non-custodial exchange live on many Cosmos chains.

This partnership will oversee Astroport contributing its DEX market data across multiple crypto assets to the Pyth Network for publishing to downstream applications. Astroport’s price data will strengthen the Pyth oracle network’s coverage of Cosmos native digital assets, including popular native tokens such as Neutron, Sei, Terra, and Injective.

Who is Astroport?

  • Astroport is the leading DEX within the Cosmos Hub. It currently gathers over $70M in total value locked (TVL) and has enabled close to $1B in trading volume since the summer of 2023.
  • Astroport DEX supports three liquidity pool types: Uniswap’s Constant Product formula pools, Curve’s StableSwap Invariant formula pools, and Passive Concentrated Liquidity pools.
  • Astroport is currently live on 4 blockchains: Terra, Neutron, Sei and Injective.

“We're proud to see Astroport becoming a Pyth data publisher. We are confident that their on-chain capabilities and dedication will bolster Pyth network’s ability to further support and add Cosmos related assets including liquid staked tokens. We look forward to continuing building with dedicated teams towards making the Pyth Network the leading financial data marketplace.” — Marc Tillement, Director of the Pyth Data Association.

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