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New Pyth Data Provider: CMS

We are excited to announce that CMS, a principal investment firm focused on making investments across the cryptocurrency space, is joining Pyth Network to provide its proprietary market data to all participants and accelerate the growth of DeFi!

Who is CMS?

  • CMS is a principal investment firm that operates in the cryptocurrency space.
  • As a principal investment firm, CMS is both an investor and heavy user on many of the crypto ecosystem’s leading centralized and decentralized venues
  • CMS was founded in 2019 by three partners — Bobby Cho, Daniel Matuszewski, and Julien Seguin
  • CMS deals in both liquid and illiquid investment strategies

CMS will contribute a wide range of data it interacts with across the crypto ecosystem, while also providing a unique perspective on what founders and developers need to build successful products.

"Pyth stands to be a top oracle solution by providing high-fidelity market data to the DeFi ecosystem. It is a crucial piece of the developing Solana universe and we believe the Pyth team is more than capable to see this project through to its highest potential." – Daniel Matuszewski, Founding Partner of CMS

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