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New Pyth Data Provider: Finazon

We are pleased to announce that Finazon, a leading financial data marketplace, has joined the Pyth Network as a market data provider. Finazon will contribute to the network by streaming its market data across a wide variety of assets which are also supported by Pyth, including cryptocurrencies, FX rates, metals, and more. Finazon’s proprietary asset data will bolster the Pyth Network’s price feed coverage for the benefit of downstream DeFi applications securing their operations with Pyth’s reliable oracle data.

"We recognize the importance of pairing a world-class oracle solution like Pyth with direct access to top-tier data”, said Yury Sokolov, Founder of Finazon. “This aligns perfectly with our vision in the market data industry, which is why we've chosen to collaborate with Pyth."

“The Pyth community has built a sophisticated oracle for financial market data, but as the network continues to scale, it is fantastic to see more partnerships with data experts like Finazon. The Finazon proprietary data feeds based on AI-powered algorithms will undoubtedly help make Pyth price feeds stronger, and we at Douro Labs are looking forward to working alongside them on this project.” — Steve Kaminsky, Contributor at Douro Labs.

Who is Finazon?

  • Finazon is a leading financial data marketplace. It offers providers the opportunity to monetize their data in minutes. Buyers enjoy a wide range of data, from US stocks to exotic currencies.
  • All data is available via API, WebSocket, and numerous SDKs. Additionally, Finazon provides proprietary custom-made global financial datasets at a cost-effective rate.
  • Finazon also offers terminal and analytical solutions for investors and researchers to get most of the data by visualizing it.

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