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New Pyth Data Provider: FOLKVANG

We are pleased to welcome FOLKVANG, a quantitative trading firm, and liquidity provider in all leading crypto markets, to the Pyth Network data provider community.

This partnership will oversee FOLKVANG contributing its proprietary market data for digital assets to the Pyth oracle protocol. FOLKVANG’s wide market reach and deep on-chain activity will bolster the network’s ability to price digital assets in a live and reliable manner. This strategic collaboration is another important step towards realizing the Pyth Network’s mission of delivering the world’s financial data to all blockchains.

“Pyth is the fastest growing decentralized pricing oracle out there, powering a wide range of different blockchain applications”, said Mike van Rossum, co-founder, and CEO of FOLKVANG. “By working directly with Pyth our pricing data will reach and help secure hundreds of different decentralized applications.”

Abhimanyu Bansal, Head of Partnerships at Douro Labs, said “Folkvang is renowned in the crypto trading space for supporting web3 projects with their liquidity needs. We are very excited to have them join the Pyth Network as the latest data provider, enabling further decentralization and reliability of Pyth price feed oracles.”


  • FOLKVANG is a quantitative trading firm and liquidity provider in all leading crypto markets.
  • While FOLKVANG was officially launched in 2019, it has been a high-frequency algorithmic trader in crypto assets since 2013.
  • The FOLKVANG team is also the creator of GEKKO, a top five Bitcoin project on GitHub, and AGENTSMITH, a triangular arbitrage synopsis with 100K reads.

Creators and owners of unique, proprietary financial data such as FOLKVANG help make the Pyth Network possible. The data provider community is critical for building our oracle protocol and helping ensure that global blockchain and off-chain participants have reliable access to secure market data.

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