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New Pyth Data Provider: JST Capital

We are proud to welcome JST Capital, a global financial services firm specializing in digital assets, to the Pyth Network in order to level the playing field for participants looking to get involved with the future of finance.

Who is JST Capital?

  • JST Capital is a global digital asset financial services firm servicing institutional investors, blockchain companies, banks, and broker-dealers.
  • With operations in the United States and Singapore, the Company provides sophisticated trade execution, asset optimization, treasury services, and consulting services to facilitate liquidity.

Proven Track Record:

  • JST entered the crypto markets as early as 2014, when they began to make markets for one of the early blockchain projects. Leveraging that experience, JST was launched in 2018 to provide a full suite of traditional financial services to institutions in the digital asset market.

JST will provide real-time institutional-grade crypto market data in a sub-second frequency to Pyth and DeFi protocols will be able to leverage JST’s market data through the aggregate Pyth oracle price.

“Coming from the traditional financial industry, we know the value high-quality and immediate market data provides to firms looking to operate competitively in global markets," said Scott Freeman, Partner and Co-Founder of JST Capital. "With more institutional investors moving into the world of crypto, it is important to ensure that they have the market data experience they’re accustomed to. Pyth is one of the fastest-growing crypto market data providers in the digital asset ecosystem and we’re excited to work alongside them to increase access to this data and level the playing field for traders looking to involve themselves in the future of finance.”

We look forward to further coordinating with amazing partners to establish a digital marketplace of institutional grade, high fidelity financial data to power any financial dApps regardless of their blockchain base and offer the best data to the world.

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