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New Pyth Data Provider: Keyrock Trading

Today, the Pyth Network welcomes Keyrock to its data provider community to contribute data to the oracle network to help power hundreds of DeFi applications across more than 60 blockchains.

Keyrock is an innovative algorithmic trading and market-making company for digital assets and has been pricing assets and scaling liquidity since 2017. Their experience and technical expertise position them to strengthen Pyth’s Price Feeds offering and facilitate a more secure and performant DeFi experience.

With this partnership, Keyrock is now contributing its proprietary market data for crypto, foreign exchange pairs, commodities, and US equities to the Pyth oracle. The Pyth Network aggregates its price data with up to 63 other first-party data providers for any price feed, resulting in a robust and reliable aggregate output to power smart contract operations. Pyth’s price data serves DeFi applications across the EVM, Cosmos, Move, Bitcoin, and Solana ecosystems.

While Keyrock is active in the digital assets space, Pyth Network enables them to become expand their on-chain participation across the decentralized finance space with minimal cost and risk. Furthermore, integrating with Pyth as a data provider empowers Keyrock to earn on the data they generate as a by-product of their daily operations.

“By joining forces with Pyth Network, we can revolutionize on-chain price feeds, enhancing decentralization and security on a global scale. DeFi stands to benefit from the type of data that only an active and experienced market player like Keyrock can deliver. We’re excited to help push the envelope for DeFi and close the gap between the traditional, centralized markets and the decentralized ones.” — Juan David Mendieta, CSO of Keyrock.

Who is Keyrock?

  • Founded in Belgium in 2017, Keyrock is a market maker and liquidity provider building scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies to support efficient asset markets.
  • Keyrock provides unparalleled liquidity services to tokens, exchanges, and brokerages within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Thanks to its connections across 85+ trading venues, including CEXs and DEXs, Keyrock excels in collecting pricing data at scale.
  • Keyrock operates with the vision of democratizing cryptocurrency liquidity through a strict dedication to transparency, operational integrity, and regulatory compliance.

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