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New Pyth Data Provider: Meteora

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Meteora to the Pyth Network as a new data provider. Meteora is the liquidity backbone for Solana DeFi as it offers stablecoin liquidity, liquid staking token liquidity, lending protocol capital and deep capital efficient AMM pools.

With this collaboration, Meteora will contribute its real-time price data for Solana-native tokens to enhance the data offerings of the Pyth Network, especially for the Solana DeFi ecosystem. This is another step towards the network’s goal of bringing all the world’s market data on-chain.

“As one of Solana’s most innovative AMMs, we’re excited join Pyth’s oracle network and contribute to the DeFi ecosystem,” said Ben Chow, co-founder of Metoeora. “There are now sufficient data providers to easily spin up oracles for Solana liquid staking tokens (LST), which will help drive LST adoption and unlock over $9B in staked SOL for use in Solana DeFi.”

What is Meteora?

  • Meteora’s Dynamic Vaults are DeFi’s most dynamic capital allocation systems, rebalancing every minute between lending platforms to find the most efficient yield while keeping user funds as liquid as possible.
  • Leveraging their Dynamic Vaults, Meteora’s Dynamic AMM pools are some of the most capital efficient pools for stable and LST liquidity.

Creators and owners of market data such as Meteora make the Pyth Network possible. Pyth’s data provider community play a critical part in ensuring that global Web2 and Web3 participants have continuous access to robust, reliable price data.

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