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New Pyth Data Provider: Pulsar

We are pleased to welcome Pulsar, a leading proprietary and algorithmic trading firm specializing in cryptocurrency trading and market making, to the Pyth Network. Pulsar will contribute data for cryptocurrencies to support Pyth’s mission of delivering reliable, real-time access to asset prices.

Who is Pulsar?

  • Pulsar is a leading proprietary and algorithmic trading firm specializing in cryptocurrency trading and market making.
  • Founded in 2014 as an early adopter, Pulsar has established an extensive connection with 60+ CeFi and DeFi crypto exchanges globally, and supports 600+ trading pairs across spot, futures and options.
  • To accelerate the growth of the digital asset and blockchain industry, Pulsar also provides venture capital and market insights to early stage infrastructure companies or projects.

“Data transparency is crucial to an efficient market. We are excited to partner with Pyth to empower the community with real-time cryptocurrency price data and unleash the potential of the digital asset industry,” said Jacky Chung, CEO of Pulsar.

"As a key player in the blockchain data space, Pulsar's integration with the Pyth network strengthens our collective mission of democratizing access to high-quality data,” said Abhimanyu Bansal, Contributor for the Pyth Data Association. “By combining our expertise and resources, we are poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities for blockchain developers, enterprises, and users alike."

We look forward to further joining forces with more amazing data partners to build the digital data marketplace we all need—a marketplace for institutional-grade, high-fidelity financial data, made accessible for any application on any blockchain.

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