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New Pyth Data Provider: Quiver

We are pleased to welcome Quiver, a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative approach based on batch auctions, to the Pyth Network’s data provider community. Quiver will leverage its unique liquidity retention and aggregation mechanisms to contribute data for cryptocurrencies. This partnership is another significant step towards Pyth’s mission in bringing real-time market data on-chain for global participants.

Who is Quiver?

  • Quiver is an exchange that offers a revolutionary set of features and solutions for global investors. From perpetual futures to automated strategies and secure custody, it is setting the standard for the future of decentralized trading.
  • Quiver currently runs as a custodial exchange in its alpha version, with USD balances backed by USDC stored on a single multi-signature safe contract on the Ethereum Mainnet.

"We're strong believers in low-latency oracles operating on-demand, and providing confidence intervals alongside with prices”, said Quiver CEO and Founder Kelvin Santos. “Overall we're confident that Pyth is the best oracle solution to date. We are happy to join the ecosystem as both data providers and consumers."

“We’re proud to have Quiver join the Pyth Network as a data provider, joining the ever expansive roster of close to 90 publishers. Their innovative approach to financial and crypto markets as well as their DeFi focus make them a perfect partner and data publisher for Pyth”, said Marc Tillement, Director, Pyth Data Association. “We look forward to combine our joint capabilities for a continued growth of the Pyth Network.”

Creators and owners of high-fidelity, valuable market data such as Quiver are critical for building a decentralized marketplace like the Pyth Network. Our market data providers play an indispensable role in ensuring that our ecosystem has reliable access to accurate, up-to-date price data on any blockchain.

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