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New Pyth Data Provider: Radix

We are pleased to welcome Radix, a renowned research firm in the trading industry, to the Pyth Network as a data publisher. Radix will contribute its asset price data and industry knowledge to enhance the reliability and coverage of Pyth Data Feeds. This collaboration further reinforces Radix's commitment to advancing financial data accessibility and supporting the growth of decentralized finance, as well as Pyth Network’s goal of unlocking global market data for on-chain users.

What is Radix?

  • Led by a team of industry veterans who have successfully built and managed highly profitable trading teams worldwide, Radix combines interdisciplinary academics, experienced researchers, and seasoned technologists.
  • The team's expertise spans diverse fields, including supercomputing and Silicon Valley tech companies. This fusion of talent enables Radix to foster a culture of innovation, utilizing cutting-edge proprietary technology and automated research platforms to develop and refine trading strategies.

By joining the Pyth Network, Radix will publish price data directly onto the leading oracle network. This strategic partnership showcases Radix’s commitment to collaboration and its enthusiasm for supporting the growth of the decentralized finance project.  Through this collaboration, Radix aims to contribute its extensive knowledge and experience to enhance the data offerings of the Pyth Network.

Owners of low-latency market data such as Radix are imperative for a decentralized marketplace and oracle network like Pyth. Our data provider community plays a critical role in enabling reliable access to accurate, up-to-date price feeds for dApp developers.

By working together closely, both entities aim to drive innovation, foster the adoption of blockchain technology, and enable the development of more robust and reliable decentralized financial ecosystems.

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