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New Pyth Data Provider: Selini Capital

We are pleased to welcome Selini Capital, a leading digital assets trading and investment firm, to the Pyth Network. Selini Capital will contribute its vast knowledge, expertise and of course first party market data to enrich the network's data offerings.

Who is Selini Capital?

  • Selini Capital comprises a team of highly skilled researchers, traders, and engineers with extensive experience in big tech and finance. Their expertise and creativity allow them to navigate the dynamic crypto world successfully, both on and off-chain.
  • Specializing in algorithmic liquidity provisioning and boasting agile, high-performance infrastructure, Selini Capital has established itself as a prominent player in the digital assets market.

"We have been following the impressive trajectory of the Pyth Network and are thrilled to be joining the ecosystem as a data provider,” said Mark Clerkin, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Selini Capital. “In addition to our focus on trading, we value the importance of enhanced digital asset infrastructure, and that is exactly what Pyth is doing. They have built a community of the top trading firms and crypto players globally.”

"It is fantastic to see the continued growth of the Pyth Network, and we look forward to working alongside the Selini team on this initiative,” commented Stephen Kaminsky, a contributor to Pyth. “Oracles represent critically important pieces of infrastructure for the broader web3 ecosystem, and to take it to the next level will require participation from sophisticated players - as we have seen from the growing institutional adoption trend - and Selini is certainly one of them.”

We look forward to further joining forces with more amazing data partners to build the digital marketplace we all need—a marketplace for institutional-grade, high-fidelity financial data, made accessible for any application on any blockchain.

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