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New Pyth Data Provider: SeraBlock

We are pleased to welcome SeraBlock, a trading company located in Crypto Valley in Switzerland, to the Pyth Network as a data provider. SeraBlock is now contributing its proprietary market data for crypto-assets to support the Pyth oracle’s crypto price offerings.

"Pyth's groundbreaking speed and decentralized pricing oracle architecture are driving forces in the evolution and expansion of DeFi, establishing it as a foundational component in a diverse array of blockchain ecosystems. As Serablock, we're thrilled to leverage our expertise in market-making and arbitrage trading to price assets for Pyth and collaborate with them.” — Stefan Hanssen, Director at Serablock AG

"We are thrilled to welcome Serablock as the newest data provider to the Pyth Network. Pyth has expanded to offer over 400 real-time on-chain price feeds, and having capable data providers is crucial for ensuring the network's robustness and security.” — Abhimanyu Bansal, Head of Partnership at Douro Labs

Who is SeraBlock?

Serablock AG is a trading company located in Crypto Valley in Switzerland. The company has been a market-maker since 2023, focusing on providing liquidity to centralized and decentralized exchanges and executing arbitrage strategies in digital assets.

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