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New Pyth Data Provider: SwissBorg

Today, we welcome SwissBorg to the Pyth Network’s data provider community. SwissBorg is Europe’s leading trusted, secure, and reliable crypto app where anyone can invest and grow its crypto portfolio.

SwissBorg will contribute its market data on digital assets and currencies to help enhance the Pyth Price Feed offerings across cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange pairs. SwissBorg’s operational data captures both on-chain and off-chain liquidity, making its proprietary data set a valuable contribution to the Pyth oracle network.

“Pyth’s low-latency oracle and pull business model are key innovations that will make it a pillar for the growth of DeFi”, said Nicolas Rémond, CTO of SwissBorg. “As SwissBorg, we’re very excited to leverage our Smart Engine to price assets for Pyth and collaborate with them.”

“Institutions like SwissBorg provide Pyth Network with reliable and credible multi-asset price data, ensuring the security and reliability for which Pyth is renowned,” noted Abhimanyu Bansal, Head of Partnerships at Douro Labs. “We are excited to welcome them as a data publisher and look forward to future collaboration.”

Who is SwissBorg?

  • SwissBorg is a crypto wealth platform where 750k+ users buy, sell and earn on 60+ digital assets, 16 fiats, across 8 exchanges (both CEXs and DEXs), and all in one app.
  • Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, SwissBorg has an international team of over 250 people and holds two licenses to provide Virtual Currency Exchange and Virtual Currency Wallets internationally as well as the French PSAN or DASP (digital asset service provider).

Creators of unique market data such as SwissBorg make the Pyth Network possible. The Pyth Network’s community of data providers plays a pivotal role in providing smart contract developers with continuous access to robust and secure price data..

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