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New Pyth Data Provider: Time Research

Today, the Pyth Network welcomes Time Research, a team of traditional and crypto trading veterans, to the Pyth data provider community.

Time Research is now contributing its proprietary data for cryptocurrencies to help secure the Pyth Price Feeds and the oracle’s coverage of digital asset price feeds. This partnership is another important step towards unlocking reliable, real-time price data for blockchain developers.

Who is Time Research?

Time Research is a crypto trading firm founded in 2019. They focus on developing sophisticated strategies and innovative tools for quantitative trading across a wide array of crypto assets in both CeFi and DeFi space.

Owners and creators of unique price data like Time Research make the Pyth Price Feeds possible. The Pyth Network’s data providers play an important role in enabling continuous access to dependable, low-latency price data for smart contract developers on any blockchain.

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