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New Pyth Data Provider: Trader Joe

Today, the Pyth Network is welcoming aboard Trader Joe as a new data provider. Trader Joe is the one-stop decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche and Arbitrum.

This collaboration will bring the leading Avalanche DEX to publish real-time price data for Ethereum and Avalanche-native tokens to enhance the data offerings of the Pyth oracle network. This partnership is another major step towards bringing the world’s market data on-chain for smart contract developers everywhere.

Davidefi, General Manager at Trader Joe, said “Trader Joe is beyond excited to join forces with the Pyth Network. This collaboration isn't just about sharing data; it's about synergizing our expertise in decentralized trading with Pyth's cutting-edge oracle network. Our aim is to deliver unparalleled, real-time insights into key Avalanche and Arbitrum crypto assets, fueling innovation and enhancing decision-making for developers and traders alike in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.”

Abhimanyu Bansal, Head of Partnerships at Douro Labs, said “Trader Joe is a pioneer in the Avalanche ecosystem and needs no introduction. As the Pyth network expands to newer ecosystems, we are thrilled to have them onboard as a data provider. This will enable access to essential assets for both Avalanche and the broader crypto ecosystem.”

Who is Trader Joe?

  • Trader Joe is the leading decentralized exchange on Avalanche. Trader Joe Lend is a decentralized lending protocol built onto the Trader Joe platform.
  • Trader Joe was launched in 2021. The platform has gathered $2.5B in total value locked and facilitating close to $100B to date.

Creators of unique market data like Trader Joe make the Pyth oracle network possible. The Pyth Network’s data providers play a critical role in helping ensure that the Web3 industry can flourish with access to reliable and secure financial data.

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