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New Pyth Data Provider: XR Trading

We are excited to announce that XR Trading, a leading proprietary trading firm in the global derivatives marketplace, is joining the Pyth Network as we both look towards providing the means to bolster a flourishing digital ecosystem!

Who is XR Trading?

  • XR Trading is a proprietary market-making firm that provides liquidity in a full range of financial instruments across multiple asset classes
  • With an innovative trading strategy that integrates technology with a quantitative automated market-making approach, XR Trading is a leader in the global derivatives marketplace
  • XR Trading has offices in Chicago, IL; New York, NY and London, United Kingdom

XR Trading will initially provide its crypto asset data with plans to expand into other asset classes as the Pyth Network scales.

“We are firm believers in the growth and potential of DeFi as well as the importance of strong oracle solutions like the Pyth Network. We are eager to be joining the ranks of prominent peers and exchanges — both existing and forthcoming — as we build out this next gen oracle solution concurrently.” – Matt Haraburda, President of XR Trading

The Pyth Network and its trusted partners look forward to further coordinating to establish a digital marketplace of institutional grade, high fidelity financial data to power dApps regardless of their blockchain base.

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