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Peak Activity for the Pyth Price Feeds | Newsletter #37

What’s New in the Ecosystem?

A New Pithy Blog

After couple years of building fond memories on Medium, the Pyth official Blog has found its way to Delphi and is now available to all here. Our new blog contains all our historical articles too, so you can roll back the time machine anytime.

Pyth Data now available on TradingView!

This one’s for the traders among you. We’re delighted to confirm that Pyth Price Feeds are now integrated into TradingView, the leading charting platform and social network trusted by 50M+ traders and investors worldwide!

Starting today, anyone using TradingView can now access historical and live price data from Pyth on the TradingView website, as well from their off-chain API.

You can open the TradingView search bar and filter for Crypto while searching for “Pyth” as the source. The interface will show you a shortlist of markets ranked on usage within TradingView.

As you use Pyth prices more frequently on TradingView, you’ll be able to find them without filtering!

ARB/USD: #PoweredByPyth

Low-latency is a pillar on which the Pyth network has been built, and the former demonstrated this wonderfully as the long-awaited launch of $ARB, the governance token of the leading Ethereum Layer 2, was shortly followed by the creation of a ARB/USD Pyth Price Feed.

Thanks to the work of amazing Data Publishers, the Pyth ARB/USD price feed was ready for consumption mere hours after the first trades on-chain. And a plethora of #PoweredByPyth apps took advantage of this fast turnaround!

The same day, the following applications added support for $ARB on their platform: Tigris Trade, CAP Finance, Vyper, Drift, Uniwhale, Zeta, and Synthetix!

Pyth Price Feeds Live on Polygon zkEVM

On par with the public mainnet launch of Polygon zkEVM (made by Vitalik Buterin in person), the Pyth Price Feeds became accessible within mere minutes of its start. Pyth data on Polygon zkEVM is already powering 0VIX Protocol, the first borrow-lending protocol live on mainnet.

By integrating with Pyth’s low-latency price feeds, borrow-lending protocols can benefit from Pyth data to increase the loan-to-value of the collateral accepted or leverage Pyth’s confidence intervals to value assets more conservatively.

We look forward to supporting the Polygon DeFi community and helping grow the broader Polygon ecosystem by unlocking once-inaccessible financial data for builders.

Pyth Price Feeds Live on zkSync Era

“Data availability is key to increasing much-needed transparency on chain, and this collaboration with Pyth will enable us to bring the scalability, security, and low fees of zkSync Era to more developers and users worldwide,” said Marco Cora, Head of Business Development at Matter Labs.

A few days prior to the Polygon zkEVM launch, zkSync Era became the first-ever Ethereum zk-rollup available on mainnet. As you can already guess, the Pyth Price Feeds became available shortly after and applications like Derivio, or Nexon Finance have since decided to be #PoweredByPyth.

Pyth Price Feeds Live on Injective (testnet)

We’re excited to announce that the Pyth Price Feeds are now available on Injective (testnet), a lightning fast blockchain optimized for building financial applications. Leading applications from the Injective ecosystem like Helix, a decentralized order book exchange for crypto spot and derivatives trading, are already leveraging Pyth data to offer yet seen products on Cosmos.

Indeed, in the past week, Helix launched future markets for $SOL but also $EUR, $GBP, and $JPY—all #PoweredByPyth of course!

Peak Activity for the Pyth Price Feeds

In December 2022, the Pyth network introduced an innovative On-Demand Price Update Model, where users are empowered to “pull” available prices on-chain when needed and enable everyone in that blockchain environment to utilize that updated price.

This new oracle design improves on existing oracles in many dimensions. On-demand price updates eliminate the transaction costs paid by the oracle and data providers, which enables it to scale in ways that traditional push oracles cannot. Consequently, the Pyth Price Feeds can and will support frequent price updates for thousands of price feeds across an unlimited number of blockchains.

To date, the Pyth on-demand model has already delivered over 600K price updates on-chain to #PoweredByPyth applications across 10 different blockchains.

On March 12, the Pyth on-demand model updated close to 25,000 price points on-chain. This weekend was marked by the USDC de-peg (following SVB situation) and the release of 22 perpetual markets on Synthetix Perps.

Sending It with Trebuchet Network

We are pleased to welcome Trebuchet Network, a cutting-edge analytics firm, to the Pyth network. Trebuchet will contribute real-time crypto prices as part of the company’s commitment to share its range of data intelligence on-chain to empower the DeFi ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Pyth, a leader in on-chain market data solutions,” said Ivo Galic, CEO and founder at Trebuchet Network. “Our advanced AI capabilities will be an invaluable asset to the Pyth mission of powering on-chain DeFi and Web3 protocols. We look forward to contributing our AI-derived prices and to bringing our range of data intelligence on-chain to support more DeFi products.”

From Ho Chi Minh With Love

Pythians go wherever there’s building and traction, and the ecosystem made their pilgrimage accordingly to Vietnam. You may have seen our Pyth contributors presenting at the Solana Hacker House and Sui Builder House!

We’ll see you around the world very soon, particularly at WOW Summit and the Sui Builder House in Hong Kong and Consensus 2023 in Austin next month. Many Pythians are making the trip, as the second iteration of the Data Driven Happy Hour #PoweredByPyth is taking place during WOW! (IYKYK)

We can’t wait to hear what you think! You can join the Pyth Discord and Telegram, follow us on Twitter, and be the first to hear about what’s new in the Pyth ecosystem through our newsletter. You can also learn more about Pyth here.

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