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Pyth Network Monthly Update | April 2023

“April was just beginning…and a breath of spring could be felt in the soft, cold air.” — Anton Chekov

As brighter days are looming, excitement is creeping up throughout the DeFi world!

Most excited are, undoubtedly, the teams becoming #PoweredByPyth. The availability of the Pyth’s low-latency pull oracles has set off a blossoming effect: more volume, more trading, and more users as Pyth expands to five new blockchains, including Injective, Neon EVM, Conflux Shimmer, and Meter this month.

As the days start warming up, so are our #PoweredByPyth partners: new launches like DeriTrade on zkSync Era; and new all-time-highs in trading volume across Drift ($500M), Uniwhale ($300M), Morphex ($250M), CAP Finance exceeding ($150M), and Tigris ($100M).

We’re always pleased to welcome new teams to the network and support their growth. Reactor Fusion became the number one money-market protocol on zkSync Era overnight, while Forge, a synthetics protocol on Arbitrum, decided to expand its product offering through Pyth’s 200+ price feeds.

It’s always good to take a step back and reflect on how far we’ve come. Last year, the network introduced a new type of low-latency pull oracles for devlivering real-time prices to multiple chains in a gas-efficient manner. As of today, our #PoweredByPyth partners have permissionlessly requested over 1,000,000 price update on-chain! Things are warming up for a Pythian summer…

🤝 Partnerships

Who’s #PoweredByPyth? Who contributes data to Pyth?

  • Injective, a PoS Layer 1 blockchain built for finance, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Nexon Finance, the first money-market #PoweredByPyth on zkSync, continues growing!
  • ReactorFusion, a lending protocol on zkSync Era, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • DeriTrade, a #PoweredByPyth multi-chain decentralized derivative protocol, has expanded to zkSync Era
  • D8X, a perpetual futures DEX on Polygon zkEVM, has launched on testnet #PoweredByPyth
  • 0VIX Protocol, a money-market application #PoweredByPyth, is leading DeFi on Polygon zkEVM
  • Deri Protocol, a multi-chain decentralized protocol for users to trade perpetual products, and their new Protocol as a Service (PaaS), are now #PoweredByPyth
  • Duet Protocol, a multi-chain synthetic assets ecosystem, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Avantis Finance, a derivatives platform on Optimism, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Tigris Trade, a decentralized trading platform on Polygon and Arbitrum, surpasses the $100M volume milestone!
  • CAP Finance, a perpetuals DEX #PoweredByPyth on Arbitrum, facilitated over $150M in daily trading volume!
  • Buffer Finance, a futures DEX on Arbitrum, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Forge, a synthetic protocol on Arbitrum, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Synthex, a synthetic protocol on Arbitrum, has launched #PoweredByPyth
  • Narwhal, a decentralized perpetual trading platform on BNB Chain and Arbitrum, will become #PoweredByPyth
  • Uniwhale, a perpetual DEX on BNB Chain, has reached $300M in trading volume since being #PoweredByPyth
  • Sable Finance, a decentralized borrowing protocol on BNB Chain, has decided to become #PoweredByPyth
  • Morphex, a decentralized perpetuals exchange on Fantom, surpassed $200M in trading volume
  • Drift, a DEX offering perpetual trading #PoweredByPyth on Solana, has surpassed the $500M trading volume mark
  • GooseFX, a DeFi protocol on Solana, has just launched its perpetuals protocol and SDK—both #PoweredByPyth
  • Buy your .sol with $BAT on Bonfida—#PoweredByPyth
  • Search pyth.sol in your Brave browser and enjoy!

⚙️ Development

New Blockchains? New Features? New Price Feeds? You want it, we’ve got it.

📅 Events

Pythian festivities continue unabated, online and offline!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Community & Socials

What’s new with the Pythians?

  • Pyth Q1 Recap: Where is Pyth Now?
  • Movie Premiere: Learn the unique benefits Pyth bring to you!
  • Discussion: Unlocking the potential of DeFi—with L2’s and #Pyth data
  • Discussion: DeFi, your option, your future with Deri Protocol
  • Discussion: Perps, L2s, and DeFi Derivatives
  • Discussion: Les Dernières Tendances Crypto avec Flowdesk
  • Discussion: Quand la CeFi et la DeFi ne font qu’un
  • Soundbite: First-party data matters!
  • Article: Pyth Network, un oracle blockchain rapide, sûr et décentralisé qui se démarque de ses concurrents
  • Thread: Sable Stablecoin #PoweredByPyth
  • Thread: Intro to Pyth Network Pull Model
  • Thread: Don’t push! Pull only!

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