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Pyth Network Monthly Update | February 2022

Pyth network continues to heat things up worldwide!

From the frosty depths of Chicago to the balmy tropics of Singapore, and every region in between, you can find Pyth’s presence. More publishers join the Pyth parade. Strong teams leverage Pyth to deliver nifty new features. Hackathon builders emerge victorious. Listeners from around the world continue to tune in. Something is brewing.

🤝 Partnerships

  • AAX: The world’s first digital asset exchange powered by LSEG Technology joins Pyth as a publisher!
  • 3 Arrows Capital: The Su Zhu and Kyle Davies quant trading firm joins as a publisher!
  • PEAK6: The financial tech business joins Pyth
  • G-Research: Europe’s leading quant financial research firm joins Pyth
  • Zeta Markets Launches Zeta FLEX: A permissionless, customizable options creation and auction protocol hit $29.1M TVL on Day 1 in partnership with Pyth, Katana, and Ribbon Finance!

⚙️ Development

📅 Events

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Community & Socials

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