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Pyth Network Monthly Update | May 2023

“May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.” — Fennel Hudson

May has been an explosive month for the Pyth Network, as it joined forces with long-time leaders and exciting upstarts across a multitude of L1 and L2 ecosystems.

It’s our honor to power heavyweights such as Vela, the Arbitrum DEX, and Beluga, the multi-chain oracle-based AMM. Familiar names like Vyper, the DeFi derivatives layer Solana and now Arbitrum, have also integrated Pyth for interesting use cases like on-chain forex trading. But wait, there's more! Pyth's real-time data is also supporting Lyra, Pika Protocol, and Conduit Finance on Optimism, and Helix on Injective (Cosmos).

April showers, May flowers. Let a thousand bloom: we’re looking forward to seeing the results of the Solana Summer Bootcamp and Hackathon, hosted by Encode Club and supported by Phantom, Wormhole, and of course, the Pyth Network. There’s also a Pyth Bounty up for grabs for the best submission!

🤝 Partnerships

Who’s #PoweredByPyth? Who’s publishing data to Pyth?

  • Vela, a leading DEX on Arbitrum, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Beluga, an oracle-based AMM on Arbitrum, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Vyper, the DeFi derivatives layer on Arbitrum and Solana, is #PoweredByPyth for its on-chain FX trading
  • Lyra, an options AMM on Optimism, has become #PoweredByPyth thanks to Synthetix Perps V2
  • Conduit Finance, a decentralized derivatives trading platform on Optimism and Synthetix, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Pika Protocol (V4), a decentralized leverage trading platform on Optimism, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Helix, the decentralized order book exchange for crypto spot and derivatives trading on Injective, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • zkDX, the first decentralized derivatives exchange on zkSync, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Freely Finance, a DeFi native frontend, has integrated D8X backend, a #PoweredByPyth perpetual protocol on Polygon zkEVM
  • FusionX Finance, a decentralized exchange built on Mantle (testnet), is #PoweredByPyth
  • KiloEx, a next generation perpetuals DEX (testnet) on BNB Chain, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Helium, a global network of Hotspots that create public, long-range wireless coverage for IoT devices and cellular devices, is #PoweredByPyth
  • LP Finance, Solana’s first Time-weighted Average Market Maker (TWAMM), is #PoweredByPyth
  • GooseFX, a perpetual futures platform on Solana, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Kamino Finance, the Pyth-powered yield optimizer on Solana, has reached $1 billion in trading volume!
  • Econia, an Aptos built order book layer, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Tsunami Finance, a margin trading and spot exchange #PoweredBypyth on Aptos, launches their mainnet
  • Merkle Trade, a decentralized trading platform built on Aptos and #PoweredByPyth, launched the Aptos Builders Trading Competition
  • Interest Protocol, a DeFi protocol built on Sui, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Kryptonite, a borrow-lending protocol (testnet) on Sei Network, has become #PoweredByPyth
  • Deepr Finance, an upcoming money markets protocol (testnet) on ShimmerEVM, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Mold, a derivate platform on Conflux, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Tsunami Exchange, a DEX built on the Waves Blockchain, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Skynet Trading, a trading software and investment firm in the digital assets world, is now contributing data to the Pyth Network!

⚙️ Development

New Blockchains? Features? Price Feeds? You want it, we’ve got it.

  • Launch of Pyth Stats V1. Take a peek under the hood and become starstruck by the Pyth Network’s performance
  • Pyth data is now available on Sui Network
  • Pyth data is now available on Injective
  • Coming soon: Pyth oracles on Osmosis
  • New Pyth Price Feeds: XRP (Ripple), CFX (Conflux), INJ (Injective), SUI (Sui Network), BAL (Balancer), PEPE (Pepe), LDO (Lido), ANKR (Anker), SAMO (Samoyed)

📅 Events

Pythian parties near you, online and offline!

  • Hackathon: The Solana Summer Bootcamp and Hackathon, brought to you by Encode Club
  • Workshop: Applying High-Fidelity Market Data in Web3 with Metacamp in Singapore
  • Podcast: Mike Cahill joins Logan Jastremski for a data-driven discussion
  • Watch: Delivering Data to Polygon Developers
  • Pyth Meet-Up: Pyth Data-Driven Happy Hour World Tour at Consensus 2023 in Austin
  • Pyth Meet-Up: Solana Hacker House in Taipei
  • Townhall: Get #PoweredByPyth while #BuildingOnBase
  • AMA: Get charged up with Pika Protocol and Pyth
  • AMA: Revolutionizing DeFi with Perpetual Trading, APIs, and Real-time Data with Polygon
  • AMA: Discussion on cross-chain data and building the next generation of financial dApps with Injective
  • AMA: Interested in high-performant DeFi on Aptos?
  • AMA: The flow runs deep with Tigris Trade and Pyth data
  • AMA: Oracle leaders discuss! UMA and Pyth reflect on next-generation oracle designs
  • Learn2Earn: A field trip to greet the Pythia with Sable Finance

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Community & Socials

What’s new with the Pythians?

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