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Pyth Price Feeds Launch on Orange—Avalanche Subnet

This blog post marks the launch of Pyth Price Feeds on Orange, a Layer 1 blockchain focused on User Generated Content (UGC) tools for gaming, AI, and metaverses. This deployment will support Web3 developers in creating and monetizing virtual worlds using the Orange UGC platform.

Developers on Orange can now tap into over 500 real-time data feeds for digital and traditional assets. The Pyth Network’s pull oracle will empower Orange users with reliable access to the lowest-latency price updates on-chain. Pyth’s permissionless nature makes integration and composability seamless.

"By teaming up with Pyth, Orange is harnessing the power of real-time financial data to supercharge the GameFi ecosystem on our platform. This collaboration not only boosts transparency but also opens the door to exciting new possibilities for both creators and users.” — Wayne, CMO of Orange Web3

Pyth Price Feeds on Orange

Orange is positioned as a comprehensive ecosystem for empowering communities, rewarding creators, and simplifying the integration of blockchain into the world of gaming and the metaverse. Orange offers a suite of tools and infrastructure for creators and developers to build engaging virtual worlds:

  • GameFi Economy Creation—for building and managing in-game economies and financial systems.
  • Leaderboards and Reward Systems—for engaging players and fostering competition.
  • AI Avatar Creation—for crafting unique digital personas.
  • Voice-Activated Asset Builders—for easy in-game and in-world asset creation.
  • NFT Deployment—for simplifying the launching of NFTs within games.

The integration of the Pyth Price Feeds into the Orange ecosystem will empower the creation of UGC games and virtual worlds for its developers. Access to sub-second price information for digital assets, for example, can help ensure that in-game transactions are based on the most current and accurate data. Pyth’s rapid update frequency enables safer and responsive consumer solutions, which are important elements for establishing a smooth user experience and trust in the platform.

“The potential of pull oracles in enhancing creator platforms are largely untapped, and we're all geared up to explore this frontier. Together with Pyth, we're setting the stage to empower and elevate the next wave of Web3 creators.” — Wayne, CMO of Orange Web3


Orange is a Layer 1 blockchain platform focused on providing user-generated content (UGC) tools for Web3 environments, with a particular emphasis on gaming, AI integration, and the metaverse. It aims to democratize access to these tools, empowering creators and developers to unleash their creativity while governing the network's direction through token governance. Orange facilitates community engagement and collaboration through regular cohort workshops, fostering an ecosystem where creators drive the platform's evolution.

For more information, please visit Orange website and documentation.


The Pyth Network is a first-party financial data oracle network that delivers low-latency price data for various assets to blockchains securely.

Pyth incentivizes some of the world’s largest exchanges, market makers, and trading firms to contribute their proprietary data to the network. Pyth aggregates their price data on-chain for smart contracts to use. Decentralized applications can request or pull Pyth price updates on-chain when needed.

Pyth secures over $5B in TVL and powers over 350 protocols. The network offers more than 500 real-time data feeds across crypto, equities, ETFs, FX pairs, and commodities, and has facilitated more than $400B in trading volume across over 50 blockchains.

For more information about Pyth, please visit the website and documentation.

What’s Next?

We look forward to building the future of finance together! Check out the resources below to get started. If you have any questions, please reach out.

Now that Pyth has officially joined the Orange community, you will soon see many more tokens supported on the network as well as applications becoming #PoweredByPyth. You can find the price feeds available on our website and discover which price feeds are in the pipeline. If you would like to request a new price feed, please let us know in our Discord.


We want to hear your feedback. Join the Pyth Discord and Telegram, and follow Pyth on X and LinkedIn. You can also learn more about Pyth here.

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