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Pyth Research and Developer Bounties on Superteam Earn

The launch of the Pyth Ecosystem Grants Program unlocked new opportunities for the wider Pyth Network community, including for researchers and developers. After extensive feedback, Pyth Data Association is proud to announce that the program’s Research and Developer bounties are now available exclusively through the Superteam Earn platform.

Superteam is a community for Web3 talent learning, earning, and building. The Superteam Earn platform aggregates learning and development opportunities by leading Web3 players. Users can explore opportunities for the Pyth Network, select the bounties that interest them, submit their contributions, and earn bounty rewards all in one platform.

This blog post will explain more about the Pyth Network opportunities on the Superteam Earn platform and how researchers and developers can get started Pyth’s bounties today.

Pyth Bounties on Superteam Earn

The Pyth Ecosystem Grants Program offers a Research and Developers category for ecosystem opportunities in the form of bounties. While these bounties were initially housed in a bounties board by Pyth Data Association, they have now moved to Superteam Earn.

Superteam Earn connects innovative projects with world-class professionals, ensuring that bounties are fulfilled by skilled individuals who understand the nuances of the Web3 space. The Earn platform enables users to create a new profile in just a few clicks and to start participating and earning from listed bounties and other freelance opportunities.

The Superteam Earn platform offers both robust community of crypto-native talent and built-in project management capabilities to efficiently handle bounty submissions and reward distribution. The Earn platform will enhance the quality, accessibility, and impact of the Pyth Ecosystem Grants Program and help foster groundbreaking advancements throughout the Pyth Network ecosystem.

Here are some of the current bounties available (as of time of writing):

  • Add Methods to Parse Pyth Benchmark Prices on Aptos Contracts
  • Create a Math Library for Combining Pyth Prices on Solidity
  • Pyth Pull Oracle on Solana: Testing Stub
  • Create a Dashboard: Pyth Usage on Sui
  • Create a Dashboard: Pyth Usage on EVM Chains
  • Create a Dashboard: Pyth Usage on Aptos
  • Research Article Topic: Why DeFi Protocols Should Migrate to Pull Oracles
  • Research Article Topic: How Will Pyth V2 Affect Solana DeFi?
  • Research Article Topic: Entropy as a New Entrant for On-Chain RNG

How to Use Superteam Earn

Interested in contributing to the Pyth Network as a researcher or through freelance developing? Here’s how you can get started with our bounties on the Superteam Earn platform:

1. Visit the Superteam Earn’s Pyth Network Page: Head over to the Pyth Network page on Superteam Earn. You can create a new profile account using your e-mail.

2. Browse Available Opportunities: Explore the list of opportunities, including Research and Developer bounties. Each bounty will have detailed information about the requirements, rewards, and deadlines.

3. Select a Bounty: Choose a bounty that aligns with your skills and interests. Make sure to read the description thoroughly to understand what is expected.

4. Submit: When you are ready to submit, click on the bounty you selected earlier and follow the submission instructions and any final checklist items.

5. Completion: If your submission is accepted, you will receive your rewards through the Superteam platform.

By following these steps, you can start making impactful contributions to the Pyth Network. Happy bounty hunting!

For more details, visit the Superteam Earn Pyth Bounties Page.

Submission Guidelines

Pyth Data Association looks out for the following common threads in submissions:

Alignment with Web3: The program looks for submissions that embrace the principles and values of Web3, demonstrating a clear connection to decentralized and trustless systems.

Quality and Efficacy: The program seek submissions that exhibit a high level of quality, demonstrates rigorous research methods, robust development processes, and the potential to deliver impactful results.

Innovation and Originality: The program encourages innovative and original ideas that push the boundaries of current knowledge and practices, fostering creativity and exploration within the Web3 ecosystem.

Long-Term Impact: The program prioritizes projects with the potential for significant long-term impact, create sustainable solutions, and contribute to the evolution of Web3 technologies.

We want to hear your feedback. Join the Pyth Discord and Telegram, and follow Pyth on X and LinkedIn. You can also learn more about Pyth here.

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