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Pythians Unite | Newsletter #49

Welcome back to The Pythiad, the official newsletter of the Pyth Network. Fresh updates on all things DeFi await you. Let’s get right into it.

What’s New with Pyth

  • This week, Pythians from far and wide gathered at ETHDenver, met IRL, and heard first-hand what’s next for the Web3 industry. See you at the WOW Summit and ETHTaipei next!
  • The first proposal for approving the final list of Pythian Council members kicked off on Feb 22n and concluded on Feb 29 at 12:00 AM UTC. Final votes were cast on Realms, and the 8 nominees who received the most YES votes will now become the first official members of the Council.
  • Blast, the new Ethereum Layer 2, launched its mainnet on February 29. Pyth Price Feeds and Entropy went live on Blast mainnet shortly after on day one. Over 20 dApps are already tapping into Pyth Data to secure their operations.

What’s New with DeFi


Technology and Development




Community Shoutout

This week, we’ve received some amazing artwork by Pythians onlyrandomwords, ROBBOT17_ART, ayo_bandara, and an anonymous contributor. Keep them coming!

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