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Tashi: Revolutionizing Borrowing and Lending on Evmos | Consumer Spotlight

In this blog post, we delve into the groundbreaking journey of Tashi, the number one borrow/lending protocol on the Evmos blockchain. Tashi, a gateway to the world of decentralized finance, caters to both novices and veterans, offering a seamless experience that is transforming the DeFi landscape.

The Core of Tashi: TASHI Markets

At the heart of Tashi lies the dynamic TASHI Markets, an integral platform element that empowers users to seamlessly partake in lending, borrowing, and even reaping block rewards through crypto asset utilization. Tashi stands out for its commitment to enhancing liquidity and capital efficiency, aligning with the high throughput nature of modern DeFi borrowing/lending primitives.

A Holistic Product Suite

Incentivizing Liquidity and Block Rewards

Tashi introduces an innovative concept of block rewards for depositors, enticing users to provide liquidity to the protocol. This mechanism aims to foster a mutually beneficial ecosystem.


Borrowers on Tashi can access capital securely thanks to an over-collateralized approach. This strategic design ensures the stability of Tashi’s lending process while ensuring that borrowers can obtain funding with ease.

Instant Liquidity Management

Tashi’s liquidity market optimizes asset management flexibility. Users can seamlessly contribute to and withdraw from the pooled liquidity market and manage their assets in real time.

Instant Borrowing

Tashi's borrowing feature brings financial empowerment to users, granting instant access to funds from the liquidity market, and leveraging supplied assets as collateral. The simplicity of this process eliminates the complexities associated with loan applications or credit checks, democratically opening the door to diverse users.

Personalized Notifications

Tashi believes in empowering users through personalized notifications! Real-time updates about deployed positions keep users informed and in control of their financial activities. Tashi’s proactive interface enables users to traverse the DeFi landscape with confidence.

Powering Tashi with Pyth Price Feeds

Tashi relies on Pyth’s low-latency prices to inform users, evaluate platform assets in real time, and ensure the overall health and solvency of the platform.

We’re pleased to see Pyth Price Feeds inspiring upstarts in the Cosmos ecosystem in establishing new standards for user experience and decentralized lending. Access to Pyth Price Feeds is permissionless and has become the new standard for borrow/lending in DeFi 2.0. What will you build with Pyth data in a new era of high throughput DeFi?

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