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The Launch of the Inaugural Price Feed Council | Mar 2024

Today, on March 28, 2024, the inaugural Price Feed Council has been elected and approved by the Pyth DAO through voting. This post serves as an update announcement for the Pyth DAO and wider Web3 community on the current status of the Price Feed Council, one of the two Pyth DAO councils.

Price Feed Council

In accordance to the Pyth DAO Constitution, the Price Feed Council is made of 7 members who are signers of the Price Feed Multisig Wallet. The composition of the Price Feed Council aims for geographic diversity to better realize and fulfil the mission, ethos, and values of the Pyth DAO.

The Price Feed Multisig Wallet has the powers to perform actions delegated to it by the Pyth DAO.

The execution of such actions by the Price Feed Council requires 5-of-7 approval.

The first election of the Price Feed Council was conducted through on-chain voting. New elections will begin 6 months after the previous election to replace 3 members of its cohort of 7 members.

Council Members of Mar 28, 2024

A warm congratulations is extended to the newly elected Price Feed Council members. The Pyth contributors and the wider ecosystem wish them the best on their duties as new council members.

Below is a roundup of the newly elected Price Feed Council members. You can view their full candidate profiles on GitHub.

The members are listed below in order of the number of affirmative votes for that candidate. The top 4 candidates by votes can remain as council member for up to two terms.

  1. Giulio Alessio
  • Role: Head of Operations at the Pyth Data Association
  • Location: Europe
  • Motivations: Committed to assisting the Pyth Network achieve total decentralization and managing and selecting high-quality price feeds and data providers to meet the network's objectives.
  • Experience: Contributor to the Pyth Network at the Pyth Data Association.
  1. Lawrence Samantha
  • Role: CEO and co-founder of NOBI
  • Location: Asia
  • Motivations: NOBI has been contributing to the Pyth Network as a data provider since June 2023.
  • Experience: 5+ years in tech with a foundation in computer science and engineering and 13 years of crypto experience.
  1. Nicholas Diakomihalis
  • Role: Senior Integration Specialist at Douro Labs
  • Location: Europe
  • Motivations: Seeks to continue contributing towards the Pyth Network oracle by onboarding new publishers and getting feeds live.
  • Experience: Nearly 1 year as a contributor to Pyth, focused on building integration automations while onboarding new publishers and getting feeds live.
  1. Antoine Bellanger
  • Role: Senior DeFi Engineer at SwissBorg
  • Location: Europe
  • Motivations: SwissBorg is a price publisher providing FX and Crypto data to Pyth.
  • Experience: 6+ years crypto experience and helped build the core Crypto/DeFi features at SwissBorg (supporting $1.2B+ in assets and $200M+ in DeFi).
  1. Harnaik Kalirai
  • Role: Head of Integration at Douro Labs
  • Location: Europe
  • Motivations: Looks to continue the robustness and reliability of new and existing price feeds on the oracle and support the oracle's expansion into additional markets and diverse asset classes.
  • Experience: 2+ years of experience as a key contributor to Pyth within the price feed process and technical integration of new publishers.
  1. Robert
  • Head of operation at ReactorFusion
  • Location: Asia
  • Motivations: A user and contributor who has consistently used and updated the price feed since the early launch of Pyth on zkSync Era.
  • Experience: Led a blockchain tech firm composed of members with 6 years of DeFi experience, ensuring stable operations without financial issues.
  1. Matt Losquadro
  • Role: Core Contributor at Synthetix
  • Location: North America
  • Motivations: Intends to support the Pyth Network and its growth through onboarding new feeds and supporting new features, publishers, and users.
  • Experience: 2+ years as a contributor to Synthetix, focusing on governance, communications, and partner support.

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