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New Pyth Data Provider: BLOCKSIZE

When size is size! BLOCKSIZE, a top-tier provider that offers institutional-grade, compliance-focused data solutions, has joined the Pyth Network’s data provider community. BLOCKSIZE will publish its unique crypto market data directly on-chain to strengthen the Pyth Network’s digital assets price feeds offering.


  • BLOCKSIZE enables financial institutions to embrace the transformation of digital asset markets through its market data, consulting, and software services.
  • BLOCKSIZE offers bank-grade crypto price feeds, compliant staking infrastructure for banks inside their own data center, nodes for several different blockchains and oracle networks, custom-designed oracles for financial data providers, and consultancy support using blockchain and financial experts.
  • BLOCKSIZE is headquartered in Germany and brings German excellence in engineering, compliance, and stability to its customers.

“Our reputation for providing quality market data that meets regulatory standards is unparalleled — this holds for both on-chain and off-chain data delivery,” said Dr. Axel Lode, Head of Decentralized Finance at BLOCKSIZE. “We are excited that BLOCKSIZE joins the reputable club of data publishers in the Pyth Network. Pyth’s commitment to delivering reliable data aligns perfectly with BLOCKSIZE’s values, and we believe that together, we can take the Pyth data feeds’ quality to new heights by adding BLOCKSIZE’s contribution.”

"Whilst Pyth has managed to onboard some of the largest trading firms and exchanges globally as publishers to the network, continuously expanding our blockchain infrastructure and crypto engineering expertise is of paramount importance for continued success,” said Marc Tillement, a Director of the Pyth Data Association. “It is with that context, that we are super excited to welcome BLOCKSIZE, an institution that not only can provide unique data to bolster Pyth feeds but also understands how to reliably manage critical infrastructure like oracle networks”

Creators and owners of market data such as BLOCKSIZE are vital to the Pyth Network. The network’s data provider community plays a crucial role in providing reliable and robust price data to support the financial needs of global blockchain participants.

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