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New Pyth Data Provider: Genesis Global Trading

We are excited to announce that Genesis Global Trading, an industry pioneer and leader in over-the-counter digital currency trading, is joining the Pyth Network to deliver its proprietary, valuable market data to help accelerate the growth of decentralized finance.

Who is Genesis Global Trading?

  • Registered broker-dealer and worldwide leader and established partner in over-the-counter digital currency trading
  • Genesis is a global leader in institutional digital asset markets and a full-service digital currency prime brokerage
  • Genesis offers sophisticated market participants a fully integrated platform to trade borrow, lend, and custody digital assets
  • Built on the only global over-the-counter trading firm for digital assets registered with the SEC and FINRA

Proven Track Record

  • Launched the first US OTC bitcoin trading desk in 2013
  • Facilitates billions of dollars on a monthly basis in digital currency trades, loans, and transactions
  • Originated $1.1 billion in loans and borrows in 2018
  • Among the first few firms to receive a BitLicense in NY for brokering crypto trades to HNW and institutional investors

Genesis Global Trading will contribute its unique financial market data to Pyth Network. We welcome Genesis to our rapidly expanding group of industry pioneers who share the goal of distributing precise, high caliber financial data.

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