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New Pyth Data Provider: Tophash Digital

We are pleased to welcome Tophash Digital, a leading proprietary trading company, to the Pyth network. Tophash will further empower Pyth to offer high-quality data to decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and the general public.

Who is Tophash Digital?

  • Tophash Digital is one of the leading proprietary trading companies that specializes in offering global liquidity solutions for cryptocurrency
  • As an algorithmic market-maker, the firm provides unparalleled liquidity services across the derivative and spot markets, covering both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

"As a technology-driven trading firm we are well-versed in the requirements of reliable, low-latency data; and the robust infrastructure needed for providing high-quality data to deliver the best possible outcomes for users," said Jingcheng Li, CEO of Tophash Digital commented." We have found that Pyth network is a reliable source that can seamlessly aggregate and distribute data from leading institutional partners. Its’ infrastructure is second-to-none, providing a reliable channel for its data to be consumed properly. We are proud to collaborate with the Pyth team and believe that it is an integral component of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem."

"It is fantastic to see another leading crypto trading firm, and an experienced participant in decentralized finance infrastructure, join the Pyth network as a data contributor," said Stephen Kaminsky at Jump Crypto, one of the lead contributors to Pyth. "We look forward to working alongside Tophash to help elevate the reliability and robustness of Pyth, and excited to see their contribution expand from liquidity provision to data in the broader crypto space."

We look forward to further joining forces with more amazing partners to build the digital data marketplace we all need — a marketplace for institutional-grade, high-fidelity financial data made accessible for any application on any blockchain.

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