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Pyth Network Monthly Update | March 2023

“Spring has returned” — Rainer Maria Rilke

Is crypto winter over yet? Because it’s starting to feel a little like spring.

The garden we’ve been tilling is starting to flower. You can find Pyth data blossoming everywhere: zkSync Era, Polygon’s zkEVM, Coinbase’s Base, Injective of the Cosmos Hub, and even on TradingView! New products abound too, hot off the heels of February’s Liquidity Oracle release in February. We’re excited to launch our Pyth Benchmarks, which allow anyone to query historical Pyth prices. We also took the opportunity to show the world just how fast Pyth is, launching our ARB/USD feed on the same day of the drop. Now that’s low-latency!

Where is all this expansion leading to? Some Pythians are putting the pieces together. We’ll release a quarterly report shortly wrapping up our accomplishments so far, and guidance on some of the long-awaited network developments in the pipeline.

In the meanwhile, it was great meeting the Pythians attending the Sui and Solana Hacker Houses at Ho Chi Minh City, as well as ETH Porto! Our next stops will be at Hong Kong’s Web3 Summit and Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas.

Much like spring, Pyth is inevitable.

🤝 Partnerships

Who’s #PoweredByPyth? Who contributes to Pyth Data?

  • Pyth Price Feeds are now available on TradingView
  • Derivio, derivatives on zkSync Era, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • NexonFi, a borrow-lending on zkSync, is #PoweredByPyth
  • 0vix Protocol, a money-market on Polygon zkEVM, has decided to be #PoweredByPyth
  • Morphex, oracle-based perpetuals on Fantom, is now #PoweredByPyth
  • Polynomial, a one-stop DeFi app built on top of Synthetix and Optimism, is now live and #PoweredByPyth
  • Helix, futures trading platform on Injective, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Uniwhale, a perpetual trading platform, has launched on BNB mainnet while being #PoweredByPyth
  • Meuna, a synthetic protocol on BNB, is #PoweredByPyth
  • DeriTrade, a perpetual trading protocol on BNB, has launched testnet and is #PoweredByPyth
  • Resynth, a synthetic protocol out from the Solana Gryzzlython, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Tigris Trade, a perpetual protocol on Arbitrum and Polygon, is #PoweredByPyth
  • Elusiv, a zero-knowledge privacy solution on Solana, is #PoweredByPyth to pay for gas transactions!
  • marginfi, an application connecting liquidity on Solana, has launched being #PoweredByPyth
  • OpenBB, the free and most used investment portal, is still #PoweredByPyth
  • Solend V2, a new iteration of the leading money-market on Solana, remains #PoweredByPyth TWAPs
  • Port Finance, borrow-lending on Solana, is releasing a version 2, still #PoweredByPyth
  • Vyper, a DeFi derivatives platform on Solana, has expanded to Arbitrum and remains #PoweredByPyth
  • CAP Finance, oracle-based DEX on Arbitrum, is reaching new daily volume ATH since being #PoweredByPyth
  • CAP Finance has expanded to Base testnet as with Base became #PoweredByPyth
  • Drift Protocol, a perpetual and margin trading protocol on Solana, is reaching new heights #PoweredByPyth
  • Fulcrom, a perpetual trading protocol #PoweredByPyth on Cronos, is making waves and volume!
  • Trebuchet Network, a cutting-edge analytics firm, joins Pyth to contribute market data!

⚙️ Development

New Blockchains? New Features? New Price Feeds? You want it, we’ve got it.

📅 Events

Pythian festivities continue unabated online and offline!

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