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Pyth Price Feeds and Entropy Launch on Sei V2

This blog post marks the deployment of Pyth Price Feeds and Entropy on Sei V2, the first parallelized EVM designed to enhance developer flexibility and scalability. Developers on Sei V2 can now access more than 500 real-time price feeds for digital assets and other major asset classes, along with a secure, reliable source of on-chain random number generation.

The Pyth Network’s pull oracle for price feeds will empower Sei users with permissionless access to ultra-low latency price updates on-chain. Price updates are important for securing next-generation DeFi applications.

Entropy will enable Sei V2 developers to design unpredictable outcomes for Web3 applications across gaming, NFTs, prediction markets, and more.

Pyth Data on Sei V2

Sei V2 introduces features designed to enhance blockchain performance and developer experience. The interoperable EVM allows seamless deployment of existing Ethereum applications without modifications, offering a 100x performance improvement and continued support for CosmWasm.

The Pyth pull oracle for price data allows applications to request or "pull" price updates permissionlessly from the Pythnet appchain when needed. With Pyth's gas-efficient pull architecture, users in the Sei ecosystem will benefit from consistent access to high-frequency market data and the latest price updates.

Pyth Entropy enables Sei to support a broader array of decentralized applications, enhancing user experience and trust in the platform's capabilities. On-chain randomness is essential for applications that depend on unpredictability, such as gaming, lotteries, and any protocol requiring fair distribution processes.

Sei V2

Sei is a general-purpose, open-source Layer 1 blockchain specialized for the exchange of digital assets. The V2 update for Sei makes it the first parallelized EVM. Serving as a new scaling approach for the Ethereum ecosystem while achieving faster speed. After launching in 2022, Sei has grown its ecosystem with teams from Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Arbitrum, and others deploying soon.

For more information about Sei V2, please visit their website or documentation.


The Pyth Network is a first-party financial data oracle network that delivers low-latency price data for various assets to blockchains securely.

Pyth incentivizes some of the world’s largest exchanges, market makers, and trading firms to contribute their proprietary data to the network. Pyth aggregates their price data on-chain for smart contracts to use. Decentralized applications can request or pull Pyth price updates on-chain when needed.

Pyth secures over $5B in TVL and powers over 350 protocols. The network offers more than 500 real-time data feeds across crypto, equities, ETFs, FX pairs, and commodities, and has facilitated more than $400B in trading volume across more than 55 blockchains.

For more information about Pyth, please visit the website and documentation.

What’s Next?

We look forward to building the future of finance together! Check out the resources below to get started. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the community.

You can explore the price feeds available on the website and discover which price feeds are in the pipeline. If you would like to request a new data feed, please reach out in the Discord.


We want to hear your feedback. Join the Pyth Discord and Telegram, and follow Pyth on X and LinkedIn. You can also learn more about Pyth here.

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