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Pyth Publisher Series: Galaxy Digital

We are excited to release the second edition of the Pyth Publisher Serie featuring Zane Glauber, Head of Strategic Opportunities at Galaxy Digital!

Pyth has garnered interest across the crypto world as well as the traditional finance ecosystem. Now with more than 75 data publishers onboarded, we are beyond excited to share some of the stories that have motivated and continue to inspire their participation in Pyth.

In this second discussion, we hear from Zane Glauber at Galaxy Digital, one of the network data contributors. Galaxy Digital is one of Pyth’s data publishers specializing in crypto trading, and it has contributed its digital assets data since the network was still in its infancy last year. Here’s how the conversation went. You can find the original post here.


Why did your firm join as a Pyth data provider in the first place?

We are passionate about ushering in a new economic paradigm, and promoting high-quality, consistent, and accurate on-chain data is paramount to ultimately surviving there. Publishing streaming financial data into the Pyth network is an important step in that direction, and we’re delighted to join a host of other global financial market participants in the pursuit of improving the tolls builders can use to develop their protocols, projects, and products.

What about DeFi and the broader oracle landscape is the most compelling to you?

We’ve come a long way over the past two years. But the industry has a tremendous way to go in terms of broadening the product suite available within DeFi. Think derivatives, index products, and curves. Without oracle technology driving a source of “truth” for each of these inputs, porting the full suite of TradFi instruments simply isn’t possible. Pyth and other oracle providers will help us get there.

What are your thoughts on the current state of blockchain technology?

We’ve proven that blockchain technology works, even during volatile market conditions. The tech can process, manipulate, calculate, and interpret data, but it is important to remember that the end result is only as good as the quality of the input. This, again, emphasizes the need for first-class, transparent, reliable sources of data through oracle systems like Pyth Network to properly fuel the Decentralized Finance ecosystem.

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