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xHack by Wormhole: Meet Pyth @ The Pit

Expanding cross-chain has been a core tenet of Pyth’s vision since day one.

In this spirit, we are excited to invite the developer community to xHack by Wormhole at The Pit: a Chicago-based cross-chain hackathon running from September 26th to October 21st.

We’re all in this together. You can look forward to Pyth workshops, educational seminars, and a $10K bounty for building cross-chain with Pyth data!

The xHack month-long hackathon is the first of its kind: builders from 15 different chains will come together and hack away. With the recent launch of Pythnet, xHack by Wormhole came at the perfect time.

xHack Calendar

xHack will take place at The Pit in Chicago (600 W Chicago Ave) from September 26 to October 21.

xHack will be segmented into 4 different weeks, each week with its own educational focus. The curriculum includes seminars and workshops dedicated to Pyth. Let’s take a look at the program!

Week 1: Where Are We Today?

The program kicks off with Wormhole’s monumental progress.

Event topics:

  • “What Exists Right Now?”
  • “Is There Such Thing as Too Much DeFi?”
  • “How to Build xApps”
  • Building True xChain Utility”

Michael Cahill, a director at the Pyth Data Association, will deliver a keynote on September 27th. Come catch the Cahill and listen in on the Pyth vision and upcoming developments!

Week 2: Cross-Chain Infrastructure

This track will focus on the nuts and the bolts behind the xChain world.

Guest speakers will include RPC node providers and Wormhole Guardians covering:

  • xApps
  • xDEXs
  • xGovernance

On October 5th, Guillermo Bescos, a Pyth contributor, will lead our 1st Pyth-related technical talk. The general topic will be Pyth: a Cross-Chain App, with a focus on the architecture of a cross-chain app and a live demo of Pyth data flowing to a receiver chain.

Week 3: Prod Dev for Devs

Event topics:

  • “Marketing and PR Help”
  • “Trading and Liquidity Primers”
  • “Tokenomics Best Practices and Theory”
  • “Testing and Rollout Plans”

Pyth’s core contributors are dedicated to making xPyth a reality and for it to happen, users need to understand it inside out. Thus, our second technical talk at xHack (12th October) will be a deep dive into Pyth tech and the lessons we learned while building on Wormhole. Led by Ali Behjati, a Pyth contributor, you will learn how we do testing, governance, reliability, and tooling of our cross-chain components.

Week 4: The Future

The final week focuses on the next generation of building.

Event topics:

  • “Where Does xChain Go from Here?”
  • “Backpack, xNFTs, and the Next Gen”
  • “xPloring Gaming and Hardware Apps”
  • What Is Holding Us Back?”.

Our last Pyth talk will be done by Saeed Badreg, a Pyth contributor, on October 19th. The focus will be about the future of DeFi and how both Pyth and Wormhole will play a role.

xHack Grand Winners: End of October, Early November

Once xHack concludes, we will review all projects that have integrated the Pyth price feeds cross-chain and reveal the Pyth xBounty winner by the end of October or early November.

Take fate into your own hands. See below for details on the Pyth xBounty.

Pyth xBounty

Since its inception, Pyth has been an active hackathon supporter. Congratulations once again to the winners of the Pyth tracks at Solana Season, Ignition, Riptide, and Convergence!

It is always an honor to inspire and empower new developers building the future of decentralized finance.

For xHack by Wormhole, we are offering a $10K Pyth prize bounty for the team which best incorporates Pyth data in their xChain submission!


  • Your xApp must read the Pyth price feeds (from Pythnet) and make those available on your xChains of interest. From there, your xApp will be #PoweredByPyth!
  • The more chains, the better

Submission Details

Submissions to the Pyth xBounty should be made into the Pyth Discord, in the #showcase dedicated channel. We will, of course, be on-site during xHack to not miss any hackers building upon the Pyth price feeds cross-chain.

Pyth xChain Code Guide

We provide a variety of SDKs for consuming Pyth price feeds for on-chain and off-chain applications.

For on-chain programs: There is a Pyth program deployed on each chain that stores all of Pyth’s price data. Our SDKs allow on-chain programs to access this information in a simple way. The SDKs also implement some best practices to protect users from accidentally reading stale prices and other common programming errors.

Find the Pyth xChain GitHub repo here and our Docs here.


Pyth Docs

Pyth Cross-Chain GitHub Repo

Pyth Price Feeds

Pyth Price Feeds IDs

Pyth Discord

We can’t wait to hear what you think! You can join the Pyth Discord and Telegram, follow us on Twitter, and be the first to hear about what’s new in the Pyth ecosystem through our newsletter. You can also learn more about Pyth here.

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